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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Swap Received

I've mentioned a group I'm in before, International Hand Stitchers, every couple of months we have a swap and the swap for January was to make a heart ornament.  My swap partner was Linda and this is what she sent me.  I was so excited to receive the heart from Linda, it's done in ribbon embroidery and, as you can see, it's gorgeous.  We always add a bit of something extra as a surprise and Linda was really generous with what she included, a beautiful brooch, beeswax thread conditioner and a fabric marker pen.  On top of all that there was the beautiful handstitched card.  The amount of work Linda put into this swap is really appreciated, it was an exciting package to receive - thanks Linda!!!

Melissa, who has a lovely blog, is having a give-away, why not pop over and leave a comment to have a chance of winning this fab pattern

Looks like it's a very useful sort of pattern, stuffed animals and quilts, perfect for making gifts.

I'm still busy making the project bags with accessories, I want to get a good stock of these made for two reasons, 1) I like making them, 2) they make great gifts, swaps and give-aways.  I came up with a pouch that will hold scissors and embroidery floss but I think I still prefer the sewing roll so will make a seperate scissor pouch in future.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, you really are a stitching dynamo aren't you. Thanks for posting the offer - i do love the look of those fabric animals and would make a nice progression for my first cat attempt using your pattern.
cheerio and happy sewing, N x

Gillie said...

What a nice swap! Ribbon embroidery is high on the list of things I need to learn. Good idea to accumulate some stash for the future.

melissa sews said...

I appreciate the publicity, Ann! I hope your weather is good in your part of the world.

It seems I needed the kindling once again after all. It dipped below freezing last night, but I have high hopes that we won't have much more weather like this! :) Melissa

Peggy said...

What a lovely swap parcel you got and I am sure each item will be used.The little heart ornament is so delicate. The idea of making a stash of your gift sets is a good one have you ever tried selling them on Etsy? I know selling them at fairs etc is not always a great way to make any money because someone who does not craft does not appreciate the amount of work that goes into making these items.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on winning Melissa's giveaway. Would love to see the patterns once you've worked your way through them all!