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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Last Few Days

If you want to make a quick card the ones shown above will only take a few minutes.  You'd think I'd have more to show for the last few days but I've done a lot of procrastinating.  Anyway, these cards are made using die-cut flowers and backgrounds from a cheap kit I had hanging about.  All you do is pop out the flower shapes, assemble them then stick them to your prepared card.  I want to get all the die-cuts used up then I will have plenty of cards in stock.  Another reason I want to get them used up is because I sometimes worry about the amount of craft stuff that is waiting to be used.

On a completely different subject - I was watching a repeat of The War Time Kitchen & Garden, I remember watching it in the early '90s, I loved it, well, on Friday there is a programme called Ration Book Britain, that should be interesting.  I was born shortly after the war and I do remember a few things being rationed but I was too young to appreciate how difficult it must have been for housewives in those days.  When I was first married I didn't know a lot about cooking but gradually over the years I think I'm a lot more of an economical cook.  One tip I saw on the programme yesterday was to replace half the fat with grated potato when making pastry.  I'm going to give this a try, it not only sounds economical but also healthier.  I wonder what other tips I'll pick up from this programme!


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, your card slook lovely it is not about how cheap or expensive the pieces are but how you have put them together!
I have spent the last few days finishing off things I had lying around. I had made a mental note to watch that programme when I read about it on the TV guide and then completely forgot about it.I will remember to see this, grated potato might be nice in a pastry for a pie?

melissa sews said...

You'll have to let us know how your pastry turns out with the grated potato. It would be great if that works! Frugal and healthy. As always, your cards are lovely. :) Melissa

melissa sews said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ann. I, too, am eagerly awaiting spring. My current favorite activity is poring over seed catalogs. :) Melissa