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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Spring Outfit For The Older Woman

The weather is getting everyone down isn't it.  I keep daydreaming about spring, I'm looking forward to being able to go outside wearing something other than this...
Is that really me?  I don't know that old woman!

This spring and summer I intend wearing more skirts and dresses instead of my usual trousers or jeans with everything.  I do have a few dresses and skirts I bought a couple of years ago that have hardly been worn.  I won't go bare legged though, even on youngsters a nice outfit is often spoilt by not wearing hosiery unless  they have perfect legs, which most people don't.

Last week I was browsing around (where else?) Bonmarche and saw a lovely two piece I couldn't resist, and it was in navy instead of the usual black.  Navy mustn't be very fashionable these days, black isn't my colour, navy isn't as harsh.  I bought the size 14 UK size and the top fits perfectly but the skirt is a bit big on the waist, that can easily be fixed...
the purple and white go nicely with the navy background and jacket.

The jacket and false top are sewn together at the sides and shoulders.  The sleeves are a perfect length for me, most older women have trouble with the upper arm area don't they, so it is nice to be able to cover up that part.

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