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Sunday, 2 February 2014

More Fashion For This Over 60 Woman

I had a really horrible January.  I was away over Christmas and arrived home on December 27th.  By the afternoon of the 28th I felt terrible - I'd caught a virus from someone.  It was horrible, I've never felt so ill, a terrible sore throat and cough.  Luckily it didn't go to my chest, it seemed to stay in my throat, I coughed so much I thought my throat was going to turn inside out!  It was three weeks before I started to feel better.  This made me decide that I needed to do something about my immune system.  To start with I'm taking a multi vitamin aimed at 50+.  I'll see how it goes, I don't really have much faith in vitamin supplements but it can't do any harm.  Also, cut out as much processed food as possible, each lots of fresh fruit and veg and get more exercise.  Well the exercise will have to wait until the better weather, my idea of exercise is walking and I certainly won't be out walking far in the rain, which seems never ending at the moment.

When I started to feel a bit better I went and had my usual shampoo and set and found out that the salon were doing a special offer half price facial.  As I was looking particularly haggard I decided to treat myself - it was bliss!  My skin felt so much better and looked a lot brighter.  I can't afford to go for a facial regularly, full price it is £45, but I will look out for special offers and buy myself a diy facial kit, I'm going tomorrow to see what is available on a budget.

While I was away at Christmas I did treat myself to a t-shirt from Bonmarche...

love the random stripe look

looks nice with my black cardigan

nice sequin detail

This is the hat I was admiring a couple of months ago.  When I bought it it only cost £4.50, a bargain.  It is nice to wear and keeps my head nice and warm now that my hair is thinning on top - another drawback of getting older.  But at least I get to wear hats these days without feeling as self conscious as I would have done when I was younger.

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