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Monday, 3 February 2014

Skin Care For This 60+ Woman

Maybe I should say 'skin care for someone pushing 70', I'm 67, have I left it a bit late to start thinking about caring for my skin I wonder.  I didn't really have to think about it until recently, I suppose I was one of those lucky people who took my lack of problems with my skin for granted.  Now I've got a bit wrinkly, (or maybe a lot wrinkly depending which mirror I look in), my skin is very dry in places and my cheeks are now my jowls - if you know what I mean.  I also have a double chin, don't know where that came from!  Also I'm very puffy around they eyes.  I hate having my picture taken, I just do not recognise the person in them, it is not me!

Today I bought myself a diy facial kit (on a tight budget)...
moisturiser and cleanser at 79p each

3-in-1 cleanser, toner & refresher at £1.99

exfoliating masque at £1 for the two

some fancy oil skin perfector at £4.99

a general exfoliating scrub at £1

I got all the above for £10.25 from Savers, which I thought was an excellent price for that lot.  I saw the fancy oil stuff at Asda for £8 - what! - £8!  I only paid £4.99.  

I got this eye gel from Superdrug for £4.97, I think the full price is something like £9.99.  I have tried it and I'm sure it already worked a bit, maybe it's wishful thinking but I think my eyes looked a bit less puffy already.

I thought I might as well use Johnson's baby oil for when I do a facial massage, I chose the aloe vera one at £1.25 from Asda.

We'll see what happens anyway, I've now got to be very self disciplined and use these products every day.  Usually I just wash my face with soap and water and sometimes use moisturiser.

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