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Thursday, 20 February 2014


I decided to treat myself to some shapewear now that I have an annoying layer of fat on my body.  Since I've been in my sixties I've been very self conscious of these rolls of fat that I never had previously.  It's probably not as bad as I think it is but I'm not used to having much fat, especially not the sort of fat that is noticeable when I wear anything that clings.  So I decided to try some Shapewear .  I bought the vest the other day and tried it out for the first time today.  It was a bit of a struggle to get into compared to a normal vest but once on it is very comfortable.  I'm not sure how much difference it makes to my shape, I didn't wear it with anything that I usually feel a bit self conscious in.

The shorts I bought really are a struggle to get into!  Once on they are comfortable and they do make a noticeable difference to my stomach area, they really hold it in.  They would be even better if they had come up a bit higher than my waist.  In the picture it looks as though they come up higher but not on me.

When I find the two tops I have that tend to cling I will have a better idea of how well these two undergarments work.  So far I'm pleased with these purchases.

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