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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Look At My Face

I mentioned recently that I hate having my picture taken.  Well, it's a bit difficult to do a posting about skin care without showing myself.  Here is my face after a bit of pampering.  I wash my face first, can't stand the thoughts of not doing that.  Then I use cleanser, toner, eye gel, moisturiser.  Today I followed this with some BB cream that I'd bought in December and some Avon Face Perfector which I think gets rid of the shine.
You can still see the sort freckles I have around my left eye, the BB Cream didn't conceal those.  My upper eyelids are droopy but there isn't much I can do about that but the puffy bags under my eyes do look a bit better than they did.

Here's another picture showing my 'bitchy resting face' . 

I even scare myself when I see this face!  

The next step now is for me to use some lipstick and eye makeup, maybe a bit of blusher.

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