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Sunday, 13 June 2010

June Flowers

After a very wet week we had some beautiful weather yesterday.  I was able to get out into the garden and do a bit of work.  These pictures were taken in the part of our garden nearest to the house, it's all looking very colourful.

This rose is growing in some very poor soil at the side of our garage.  I'd forgotten that it is a miniature climbing rose, it's never done very well but this year it has really put on some growth, I think it liked the cold winter we had.  Next to it is a honeysuckle and that is looking very healthy too.  I've almost removed this honeysuckle several times because it always looked very scrawny, the cold winter suited it too.


Peggy said...

Ann, your garden looks well tended and cared for with lots of colour. The stepping stone path looks inviting to explore the garden. I love honeysuckle, I don't have it growing why I am not really sure as it is one of my favourites.

Melissa said...

What amazing blooms, Ann! You put my gardens to shame. Everything is so nicely manicured. The heat here is keeping me from doing more these days. Our thermometer read 107 degrees F one day last week. Miserable. But the peppers in my garden are loving it. : ) Melissa

Pippilotta said...

Hello Ann,

I love your garden. And the red rose. You do wonderful work