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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Give-Away Winner

Nic won the give-away - I have your address Nic, so will mail the prize to you this week.  To choose the winner of these things I assign a number to each participant in the order that the comments appear, then I use so that the winner is picked out fairly.  Much easier than writing names on bits of paper then getting Graham to pick out of the hat!

I wanted to put some pictures on here of the fab swaps I've received but I didn't get round to taking the pictures yet.  It has been so hot that my craft room gets unbearable.  Hopefully, things will cool down now that we've had huge thunderstorms and torrential rain.  Spending a lot of time baking yesterday didn't help either, by bedtime the upstairs of my house was like a sauna, hot and humid.  On Friday I made strawberry jam, this time I made it in my bread making machine.  It just made enough for one jar and is delicious, not too sweet.  I'll definitely make it this way in future, one jar at a time is all we need.  What an easy way to make jam!

Today I'm not going to be doing much, it's been a busy time lately, with one thing and another, so Graham, me and the dog are all taking it easy today.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, Congratulations to Nic on winning the give away!
The torrential rain has arrived here, it has been at it now since late last night and shows no sign of abating so holiday Monday is definitly a wash out and the Cork City marathon is on today but the runners may appreciate the rain instead of the humid heat of the last few days.

nic @ nipitinthebud said...

ooh, lucky me :o) I've not been on-line for a while and was delighted to see your post. Thank you Ann.

I bet your jam was delicious. We picked some strawberries at the weekend and I'd be thrilled to have enough to fill our faces and make jam with. Will probably have to wait for the raspberries and just enjoy scoffing the strawbs

nic@nipitinthebud said...

Hi Ann
yay, my package arrived. Your handmade gifts looked lovely on your blog and are even more lovely in the flesh. I especially love the strawberry and wish I had a machine that created such gorgeous embroidery stitches (and a talent like yours to work it!) Thanks heaps x