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Friday, 11 June 2010

Decorated Box Top

A few weeks ago a friend turned up at my house with a pile of lovely boxes.  They are just the right size for using in crafting, the sort of box that originally contained toiletries mostly, the expensive sort.  The friend knew that I'd find good use for them.  This was a bit of luck for me because I'm entering a decorated sewing box challenge we are having at a group I'm in.  After a lot of thought and blog surfing I came up with this using one of the smaller boxes as a trial effort

You may notice that I've used some of the fabrics that Gillie sent me that I showed in my previous post.  The squares of fabric are stuck on to the calico using Bondaweb, then stitched around using blanket stitch.  The covered button and the lace are stuck on using craft glue.  I've used a combination of double sided sticky tape and craft glue to attached the fabric and the fancy top to the box.  I got a lot of inspiration for my box by looking at French stitching blogs, a few links for their blogs are here on the right.


Gillie said...

Just what I intended! Looks lovely, Ann!

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, lovely as usual! Your friend obviously knows you well and that you would make something pretty and useful from something most of us would throw away.