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Monday, 26 April 2010

More Veg Gardening

Today I got my tomatoes and cucumbers put into their permanent pots.  I think it will be warm enough now for them to be in my unheated greenhouse.
These four pots will stay in the greenhouse (terrible picture and the plants are healthier than they look here, there is no damage to any leaves, think it is my photography).  There are three Roma tomatoes and one cucumber.  I've set them up with string under the pots that stretches up to a cross-piece, this way I can twist the plants around the string as they grow, my favourite way of training tomatoes.  I've never grown cucumbers in the greenhouse before so that will be interesting to watch.
These cherry tomatoes are in the window boxes.  I'm a bit worried that one window sill won't be sunny enough so I might have to change my mind about where to put it.  I think I'll probably put a fuchsia in the middle of each of these boxes.
I've got my lettuce in this grow bag so that I can have it near my back door, that way I can easily crop it when I need it.  The bag is quite deep and the only fault with it is that it could do with being a bit more rigid at the sides, it tends to bulge out a bit where the compost slips down and doesn't look as tidy as I would like.
I've sown some radish seeds up in the veg plot between the slower growing crops and I've sown some basil seeds in a half seed tray in the house.  If it's a really hot summer I will have the basil outside the back door because I love the perfume it gives off in the heat but if it's a cool summer I'll have it in the greenhouse.
Talking of the greenhouse - it tends to end up like a shed, with lots of things stored in it so that will need sorting out in case I decide on more greenhouse veg.
The lovely weather makes a huge difference to how I live my life, being able to have the back door open without freezing to death is a real pleasure.


Catsngrams said...

Lovely plants I should have started some as I priced the plants that I am going to have to buy and they are more spendy than last year as is everything.

nic @ nipitinthebud said...

what a good start to your growing year. Portable plants are a good option with our inclement weather. I have some basil seed to sow and you're right it's as much about the smell as the delicious taste fresh herbs bring to even the simplest of dishes

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, those plants are really healthy looking and well ahead of any of mine!I tried basil last year but the weather was too cold and it died a death but will try again this year and keep it in the greehouse with the tomatoes.

Melissa said...

I love basil, too. I can hardly wait until I can sink my teeth into some tomatoes and basil. Absolutely divine with a bit of mozzarella cheese, IMHO. Hope things are going well for you this week! : ) Melissa