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Monday, 12 April 2010

Stitching Season

Today is dull and cold so I won't be doing any gardening, I'm also a bit tired, I think I need a break from all the physical activity I've enjoyed recently.  I'm amazed at how well my back has behaved, I think going to the chiropractor did help.
It's about this time of year I start thinking about what stitching projects I want to do over the summer.  I spend about one week each month away in our caravan in Norfolk from April - October and always take plenty of stitching projects with me in case of bad weather when I can't get out and about (which, in recent years, has been more often than not).  Last summer it was cross-stitch.  This morning I decided to sort out some charts in readiness for my stitching season and came across quite a few that I had stitched but not used in a finish.  This is a bit of luck really because I have an exchange coming up, I'll be able to use something already stitched if I want to.   Here are three of them.
A free chart from Nathalie

I love this one from Mon Ami Pierre

This one is very pretty from Elizabeth's Designs

You will notice that I like cross-stitch that has alphabets or writing on the design.  I only stitch small cross-stitch designs, it would get on my nerves to do anything big.  I don't stitch anything that will end up as a picture in a frame either, it would be put away and never seen.  I incorporate these small designs into something that can be used, that way I feel that my time hasn't been wasted.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I have not been online all weekend due to the fabulous weather we have been having!
I put out my garden furniture and any chance o got I sat out or did some tidying up around the home garden.
Your covered bed is state of the art in garden beds!
Our caravan park does not open until the beginning of May!It would have been lovely to be there over this past weekend.The stitching pieces are all beautiful but I hope you will not have to spend too much time this year stitching. I take a stack of books and catch up on my reading or painting which I have done absolutely none of this winter.

Melissa said...

Ann, I'm always impressed with your stitching! It's a skill I haven't mastered, but I hope to change that someday. Right now, sewing clothing for the little one is all I can manage. My favorite pattern is the middles one... I love the way the alphabet looks, and the sweet little bird, too!

I bet it's nice to slip away each month. Sounds like a dream to me. We do try and go to the shore for one week each summer. It's one of my favorite places. :) Melissa

Berit said...

The Mon Ami Pierre one is darling; I think I have the pattern in my "freebies" folder.

But, really, all 3 are nice. It's good to have something already prepared, isn't it?

Nyperosa said...

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Have a nice weekend : )