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Saturday, 24 April 2010

April And No Showers

I've had a funny sort of week, nothing much seems to have got done so what have I been doing.  One thing I had to do was get a new printer.  The Lexmark I've had for years finally conked out.  I have got a Hewlett Packard but I liked my Lexmark because it would take quite thick card, which the HP won't.  It was also getting difficult to find the correct Lexmark ink cartridges and I dislike buying the compatible ones because they are not always reliable.  The Lexmark is top loading that is why it will take the card.  Most of the printers I saw were those multi-function types, which I don't want or need.  In the end I bought a Canon and it works beautifully for my craft needs, plus it only cost £24.99.  So - I'm happy about that.
I spent some time making cards ready for my next craft group meeting.  A friend gave me a bow maker which I had to try - this is what I came up with
When I make cards my craft room always ends up in a terrible mess.  It's surprising how many things I need to get out to make cards, now I've got to put it all away.
Another thing I've just had to do is give the bedroom a good 'do'.  What a mess I get into, you'd think it was a laundry the amount of clean clothes that were hanging about waiting to be put away, I do annoy myself with this habit.  There are two rooms in my house that get very untidy, my craft room and the bedroom.  The craft room because I have too much stuff, though I do think it is because the room is too small but Graham doesn't agree with this.  And the bedroom because I just don't put things away properly.  In fact, even when the bedroom is tidy I'm not very happy with it, I wish I could get rid of everything in it and start again, what I'd love is to get an interior designer in who would be able to come up with a plan from my vague dream of the perfect bedroom, and do all the shopping for it of course.
The weather this week has been beautiful though cold.  My veg plot is coming along well and Graham is now making the paths for me - it's going to look great!  The soil here is very free draining so it dries out easily and I've had to water these last few evenings, we really could do with some rain.


Gillie said...

I think we must have been seaparated at birth, lol! I am not a finisher either and have stuff waiting to be put away! The card is gorgeous, worth every bit of the mess! I'm coming to England next Wednesday, can't wait!

Catsngrams said...

Lovely card you have so much talent. Your not messy just busy creating.