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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Up At The Veg Plot

What a gorgeous day it's been, sunny, warm and still.  The temperature is 14C (57F) but it always feels a degree or two warmer up at my veg plot.  We live on top of a hill so it does tend to be quite breezy except for in the veg plot, it's surrounded by trees and hedges so it's nice and protected.
I used to have this damson tree in a big tub, it's one of those especially bred for small gardens.  A couple of years ago I decided it needed to go into the ground because it didn't look very healthy and always ended up with some sort of pest that made the leaves sticky.  Also, it never fruited.  This year it is smothered in blossom, I've never seen it like this before.  When I was a girl I lived in Shropshire and there seemed to be damson trees growing everywhere so I think wanting a damson of my own was a bit of nostalgia.
Sorry about the terrible picture but I'm no photographer.
Behind the damson is a Ribes, this is looking very healthy as well this year, loads of blossom on it.
The camellia is almost over now but that has flowered well too.
It does make me wonder if the harsh winter we had is prefered by a lot of our plants and trees.
Onion and beetroot bed
This is what Graham came up with to prevent the fox getting into my raised beds.  Even though I had covered the beds with the white mesh they were still getting into them at the ends.  I like having foxes in the garden so would rather go to the trouble of protecting my things from them than getting rid of them - they have as much right to live here as I do.

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Melissa said...

Your garden is really looking good. Amazing blooms! Graham has proven himself quite handy in the garden, as well as the kitchen. : )

I'm hoping that the air will continue to clear for you all. And that warmer days are just around the corner. We've been having temps in the upper 80's for the last few weeks. Very early for that kind of heat! Still no rain. And unfortunately, none in the forecast any time soon.

We took the kids to the local zoo after church today, and it was such a wonderful day for it. : ) Melissa