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Friday, 9 April 2010

A Beautiful Day

It's been an absolutely gorgeous day.  The temperature at 7.30 this morning was 46F (7C) and now, at 5.30 in the afternoon, it's a warm, sunny, 60F (16C).  Yesterday I went to Timmermans Garden Centre and bought some veg plants to supplement the ones I'm growing from seed.  I decided on cherry tomatoes as I've got three Roma plants from seed that are coming on well.
I chose Totem and Tumbling Tom Red.  There was a Black Cherry tomato that I was tempted to get but managed to resist.  These plants will go into the window boxes I have just outside my kitchen.  They are as much for fun as for harvesting.
The fox had been having a good time in my veg plot.  The garden fleece that I'd used to cover the onions and potatoes that I'd planted was ripped to shreds.  Last year he didn't seem to bother with anything covered in fleece so I'm wondering if it is the same fox or one of the offspring.  Because of this problem I came up with an alternative that will, hopefully, keep off the fox and keep out any insects when I start planting up my other veg.
It's a fine mesh that is a lot more sturdy than the fleece and designed for keeping out insects.  I'll have to come up with something better for the ends but as long as I can keep the fox off until things grow enough to deter him I think it will be ok.  The fox did sneak past on the other side of the hedge while I was working up there.
The daffodils are out everywhere now, I don't seem to have as many in the garden as I thought I had though.
Well, I finished my second week of jury duty and I'm glad it's over.  I didn't get to actually sit on a jury so I count the time I was there as a total waste.  The good thing was that I only had to attend for a day and a half altogether but, because it was during two weeks, I couldn't settle to much at all the rest of the time.
I was just about to ask if anyone knows why I haven't got a spell check on blogger, then I noticed that there is a spell check on the IE toolbar - for goodness sake, why didn't I look there before?

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Catsngrams said...

Wow like your garden boxes. Fox huh that is something else. I planted my peas the other day and am excited to see them come up. Good luck with the fox.