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Monday, 3 May 2010

May Showers

Well, the weather has certainly changed.  After a lovely April we now have a cold, northerly wind and heavy showers.  I wanted to get some more plants into the ground but it's just not suitable gardening weather for me.  What have I been doing instead {>(  - getting fed up hearing and reading about the upcoming election for one thing - now that is depressing!!!
I did get a swap finished
Yes, it's yet another project bag set.  The pincushion is the actual swap item but I couldn't resist making it up into a set.  This time I tried the strawberry shaped scissor fob but used the same fabric to make it and added cream felt 'leaves'.  Making this cheered me up a lot.  I love the fabric I used for this, it was one of those bargain lengths I got last time I visited The Fabric Guild in Leicester.
I also gathered together some of the items I'll need for the hutch/dresser challenge on the mini group I'm a member of
I spray painted the furniture cream and I'm making a wedding cake out of Sculpey.  The cake is terrible, mainly because I'm not very good with clay and also because I didn't have any white clay so I'm having to paint brown clay white, I have resorted to spray painting that too.  I think it will look ok for a first go so it will do.  I found a really good Youtube video on how to make a wedding cake but this was after I'd started mine, maybe I'll make another one following the video directions, that is after I buy the proper colour clay!


Melissa said...

That strawberry scissor fob is fantastic! I love the fabric you chose. Very appropriate for spring. Sorry your weather took a turn for the worse. It's rainy and muggy here. The humidity has been awful the past week. But, that's part of living in Alabama. It's just early for it to be so bad. But I'm not complaining. The garden is loving it. :) Melissa

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, the colours are beautiful,trust you to make a complete set instead of just one item!You have to gather a lot of equipment for the miniatures.
Our weather ,though dry and sunny is gone back to cold!Temps were back down to 3 and 4 degrees over the weekend including some very heavy hail showers.

hron said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS bag set in the spring floral! I'm sewing and gardening in Northern Minnesota and I really enjoy your blog. I specialize in embroidered sachets as gifts for friends.