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Saturday, 15 May 2010

It's Getting Warmer

This morning I went up to my veg plot to check on everything and decided that I'll have to do some serious watering up there.  The wind has swung round to the west and it feels quite warm and even a bit humid today.
This bed has cabbage and cauliflower in the centre and broad beans around the edge.  These brassicas are doing well.  In the past I've blamed slugs and snails on my poor results but have come to the conclusion that it is the wood pigeons that were doing the damage.  I keep the centre area of this bed covered with mesh and so far there is no damage.  The broad beans will need staking soon, they are starting to lean, they do have lots of flowers on them so I'm looking forward to a good few portions off my few plants.
The courgette is still in the greenhouse, I was worried about it getting nipped my frost but I think that it will be going out very soon.  It has already got a couple of courgettes forming.

This little trough contains my succulents, I thought that the cold winter had killed them all off but suddenly this plant started to flower, what a sight for sore eyes it is!

On a completely different note - I have a personal quest (or hobby) to find the answer to 'Life, The Universe And Everything' (that's meant to be a bit of a humorous way of putting it).  I've read a lot of books, asked many questions and thought a lot.  Someone once told me that I think too much, I probably do.  One author who talks a lot of sense and puts into words a lot of things that go around in my head is Dorothy Rowe.  I've read most of her books and I've met her.  When I found out that she had a blog I felt very pleased, I'd be able to keep up with what she is doing.

  Well, remember how I mentioned that the election was getting on my nerves (because all politicians are c**p).  When I visited her blog today she had written an excellent article about politicians, she put into words all that I'd tried to articulate myself and Dorothy being so well read could explain things clearly.  I'm looking forward to her new book 'Why We Lie'.


Melissa said...

Ann, I'm so glad that your weather is warming up! Your garden sure seems to be enjoying it. I was sorry to read about your sweet dog in the previous post. I'll keep you in my prayers, and I do hope you figure 'Life, the Universe, and Everything' out! Until then, may God's peace be upon you my friend. : ) Melissa

FIONA said...

Hi Ann, I have just come across your post about the blackwork giveaway. I'm sorry it hasn't arrived. I have chased the post office here but to no avail. I have stitched another. Please email me your address again. I will post it off as soon as I get it!! Thanks, Fiona x

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, everything in the raised bed looks green and healthy, great iidea to cover the centre with net.You have enough of everything for the two of you which is very organized gardening!I only sometimes wonder about the meaning of life but would hate to find out the answer in case it is not what I want to know?!

mangocheeks said...

Oooh you've already got flowers on your broad beans. Wow.