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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Here is what I received from Lori in the heart swap I was talking about the other day.  I think Lori is just about the most prolific stitcher and swapper I know.  She just rattles out the cross-stitch and crazy-quilting.  Her crazy quilting is absolutely gorgeous.  Look at all the fab extras she sent me too.  The cross-stitched dove at the top left and the piece of fabric she sent me are so that I can make myself something up with them.
A tin of butterfly cakes, these won't be hanging around for long!

I won a give-away from Fiona, that's something to look forward to.  I'm still making my project bags, each time I make one something comes up and I have to send it to a new home.  I had been hoping to get a few stocked up so that I can send them out to my blog readers but it'll be a couple of weeks before that happens I think.  It's very motivating for me to have people to send my sewing to.


Nita said...

The heart is beautiful - Lucky you!
And the butterfly cakes look delish - I'll remember that trick the next time I make cupcakes.

melissa sews said...

How pretty those cupcakes are! I've never seen them done that way, but I'll be doing it next time. :) And you received some really great goodies, too. Yay, you! Melissa

Anonymous said...

I can barely keep up with your sewing updates! Is it the cold weather keeping you indoors?
more things coming in the post then - you deserve it judging by all the things you give away.

Berit said...

Both are just beautiful--the cupcakes do look divine.

Blogger ate my comment the other day (I think) to say that I really didn't mean anything at all negative about your patriotism in saying that I'm glad we live in countries with juries (flawed though the legal systems may be). I wouldn't want to presume like that; as you mentioned you've already paid your dues in work given to your country and now are due to relax, but even if you hadn't, well, it still wouldn't be my place.

I meant it more like, "Jury duty is good (or at least a necessary evil), but it had still better go "be good" somewhere other than your mailbox!" Let them call someone else; you've got baking and crafting to do! :D

I truly apologize if I erred and expressed anything other than this!

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, your swap looks so colourful and cheery to get through the post on these depressingly dull winter days.I have not made fairy cakes for years I think I will give them a 'go' over the week end, I used to put some raspberry jam on first then the cream on top!