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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Baking Puzzle

I use the same recipe each time for my cupcakes.  It puzzles me as to why they always turn out differently.  Sometimes they are quite flat  and, like this time, they really rise up.  This batch have come up more than usual.  These will be 'butterfly cakes' this time, instead of piping the butter cream icing into a swirl on top I will cut out a disc from the tops of the cakes and spoon in the icing, then cut the disc in two and perch the two pieces at an angle on top.
Thanks to you all that gave me encouraging words about the jury duty.  If I had been younger I would have looked forward to it and probably have enjoyed it.  These days I just can't be bothered!  I feel that I've had quite a full life and, in the 1960s I served my country in the WRAF, so my patriotism isn't in question, it is just my desire for a quiet, uneventful life!!!


FIONA said...

Hi Ann,
You were the winner on my blackwork giveaway but I don't have your postal address! Congratulations!! Can you send me your address please?? Fiona THANKS xxxx hope you enjoy it!!

melissa sews said...

Oh, those cupcakes look delicious! My baking is often the same - sometimes the rise is not to my liking. I think it's probably due to different temperatures in my kitchen, or maybe even the yeast (or soda) quality. It's a mystery. But we always eat and enjoy the goods just the same!