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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sewing Needles

Quite a while ago I did a post about my scissor 'collection'.  At the time I was doing one of my frequent tidying up and reorganizing sessions.  As well as getting my scissors together in one place, I put all my packets of needles all together in a box and I was surprised at how many packets I had.  I also have needles in several needle cases and pincushions.  How on earth did I accumulate this number of needles?  I think that when I originally started doing embroidery I tended to buy whatever speciality needle was stated in the chart.  Since then I've realised that I stick to my favourite needles for most jobs.  Plus, my working needles last a long time so I've ended up with all these packets with, mostly, just one needle used.  Well, if ever there is a needle shortage I know I'll be ok.  And this collection of needles doesn't include my sewing machine ones.
Nic asked me if the bad weather, that was keeping me indoors, was one of the reasons I was getting so much sewing done.  That is partly the reason but there is also the fact that I've got to get some of my stash used up (then I can buy more!) and another reason is because I use winter as my sewing machining season and summer my handstitching season.  The light in summer is much better for me to see what I'm doing, especially when we are at our caravan in Norfolk and I can't take my machine anyway.  Yet another reason for all this sewing is because I can't do a lot of physical things like I used to, due to my bad back.  I used to do a lot of decorating, gardening and DIY.  That's probably why my back went.  So my pursuits are much more ladylike these days!

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melissa sews said...

Wow, Ann! That's a lot of needles! It's nice to know you have the supplies you need before you start a project. I like to keep a good stock, too. I find I am a winter seamstress myself. Summer is the season I prefer to be outdoors, so I get my sewing done before the weather warms up. :) Melissa