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Monday, 15 February 2010

Spring Cleaning

There hasn't been any sewing or crafting going on here for a couple of days now.  I had a sudden, unexpected urge to do housework.  Now that is unusual these days I have to admit.  It wasn't the rush round with the vacuum and duster type housework either.  It was the 'I'm sick of the clutter' type housework.  I've got a big cabinet in my dining room that belonged to my grandmother.
It is crammed full of 'stuff', including video tapes of television programmes from the mid 1990s.  They will never be watched and I needed space for my DVDs, so the videos were thrown out.  What a satisfying feeling that was!
I also use my dining room to watch tv and have two small easy chairs in there that just do not match the other furniture.  They are going and I've ordered a small sofa that is more in keeping with the look I want, which is sort of Victorian, or at least eclectic Victorian/Edwardian/other.  I'd love it to look like a parlour.  The only time we really use this room for dining is when we have guests, which isn't very often these days, and I have a table in the kitchen that we can use.
I was discussing all this with two friends, one of whom was asking about stain removal.  If anyone has a way of removing a stain from carpet we'd love to hear.  It's one of those stains that has been cleaned but has left a discoloured patch that just will not come out.  I hate carpet and just have rugs in my house because of this reason.  When you have pets carpets are just not practical and I do love the look of wood floors with rugs.


melissa sews said...

I love the idea of a parlor in your dining room, Ann. That cabineet is AMAZING. And so are your chairs and dining table. I do so love old furniture. I've begun collecting a piece here and there. I think you'll be happy with a sofa in that room. It's lovely!

And I don't know how exactly I mailed your package. The poor mail clerk was new and as clueless as I was about internation packages! Let me know if it doesn't arrive by the end of the week. I mailed it a little over a week ago, so it should be there soon! Sorry for the delay. :) Melissa

Anonymous said...

well done Ann, a good clear out's always good for the soul.
I've tried all sorts of things to get cat sick stains out of our carpet but sadly nothing has ever proved totally triumphant. It goes with the territory when you have a long haired cat, a gobbler and a gannet!

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I spent 2 days spring cleaning too, again not just the flick the duster stuff either!Your room should look cosy and inviting with a small couch in there. I think spring cleaning and decluttering at this time of year has something to do with the nesting habits!
I know the cleaning ladies (Kim & Aggie)covered stains a few weeks ago but I was not really paying attention, my tv is usually on in the corner for company while I am on the computer or knitting!

melissa sews said...

YAY! I am so happy the pattern arrived. I was begining to think I'd done something wrong! I hope you enjoy it. I purchased one for myself, but I haven't tried it yet.

The weather here has been better the past couple of days. Lots of sunshine, but still cold. I'm itching for Spring! But I've enjoyed my crochet during these last few days of Winter. :) Melissa

Berit said...

Decluttering is the best, go you!

As for carpets, i've got nothing. I'm with you that wood floors are best, and I'm so happy that my apartment has them. :)