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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Embroidery And My Sewing Machine

I've had my current sewing machine for about five years now and have never used it to it's full potential.  It has eighty five different stitches, as well as a button hole facility and an alphabet setting.  In the instruction manual it shows some ways to use the embroidery stitches that I just can't get the hang of.
You can see in the above, examples of using the memory to do a symetrical sequence of stitches.  There is a button that you push to do a mirror image of the chosen stitch but it just makes the stitch upside down.  So, this is going to take a bit of puzzling out.  I do have an idea that I came up with earlier and tomorrow I will try it out.
In the meantime I've just been doing a straight row of embroidery, it's nice but if my machine can do more I feel that I ought to be using all of it's capabilities.
Another project bag and accessory set.  This time I made a scissor pouch to go with it, I'm not entirely happy with it though.


Laurie said...

I did enjoy your blog, I am a "smalls fiend " and always making "tinies" pin cushions needle cases etc. I have quite a collection amazing really as I give so many away.
I am here in NZ
but we lived in Nottingham up until 10yrs ago in Keyworth
( amoungst 11 other countires in 30 odd yrs) , finally retired here in Rotorua

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, I think that is an understatement saying your embroidery on the pincushion is just 'nice'!My sewing machine does about 18 stitches but it is permanently on 8 which is the running stitch!
It is turning very cold again here so I htink the indoor crafts like sewing and knitting will be going on a little longer than usual this year.

melissa sews said...

Well, I love the scissor pouch! That triangle pouch is so cute. And I am super impressed with your machine embroidery. The designs you paired work fabulously together. My machine will do some of the same, but I hate to admit that I don't often slow down enough to try them out.

I need to start some seeds this week, too. You're ahead of me there. I have about 6-7 different kinds to try this year. I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

it'll be worth the frustration and perseverance when you master it Ann and we shall all look forward to even more inspiring creations from you

melissa sews said...

Ann, I was wondering if your pattern has arrived yet. We've had some crazy weather around here lately, so it may have been delayed. I'm not sure how long international mail takes, either.

We had 3-4 inches of SNOW here yesterday!!! The kids so enjoyed playing in it. Sara Lynn was very upset that her beloved snowman melted today. :) Melissa