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Monday, 22 February 2010

Machine Applique

I decided that I would use the pattern Melissa sent me to do some machine applique.  I haven't got the patience to sew the shapes by hand so I use the Bondaweb/Wunderunder method.  Apart from being less tiring on the hands and eyes, it's a lot quicker.  Here's another applique idea using this method.  You will see that you can do quite elaborate shapes like this.  Here's one I started (but haven't finished yet)
I don't know if I'll actually stitch this one, I might leave it just Bondawebbed, the stitching looks a bit too complicated for me!  I had decided that I would be doing more applique this year.  There are four appliqued wall hangings in the local church that I made, wish I'd taken pictures of them but at the time it didn't occur to me that I would want to put them on a blog.


Gillie said...

I see what you mean about leaving stitch free (I would too) but you could do some *fancy* stitching on it, using some specialty threads if you happen to have some, just a thought!

Berit said...

i like both of these; and thanks for the links! :D

I see what you mean about leaving the stitching off of the second one; I think I would, too.

melissa sews said...

The bird pattern you did turned out lovely! I still haven't used my pattern, but I am encouraged seeing yours turn out so well. :) Melissa