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Monday, 23 March 2009

Stitching Accessories

I get a lot of pleasure from assembling sets like the one in this picture. The patterns for the needle case and the scissor case are from here. The little pin cushion is in a biscornu shape but I must admit that I struggled with the stitching up of this one, it being made from cotton fabric and not even-weave or Aida. I've never actually used this set, I just like looking at it!!! Usually sets like this I end up giving away but I might keep this one.

This scissor case cross-stitch design was from a magazine that I buy occasionally.  I have been using this case but I'm not happy with the fastener, it works but doesn't look very good.


Myra said...

I just love it. The yellow is really yummy. :o)

Nyperota said...

Hello Ann,

always somethings
nice on your blog.
You have to be
"busy as a bee"
to make all the things
you make.

And I like your

Au revoir : )

Au vieux trousseau said...

What a lovely set !! Congrats !