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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Another Quiet Day

Today my DH has gone walking with our DS, this means I can do just as I please. My DH retired just over a year ago and I love having him at home and I can do as I please any time but it feels different when he's not here! So, what do I do when I'm just pleasing myself? The same as I do normally - stitch. I'm either hand stitching or making something on my sewing machine. Another thing, my DH bought me a little radio, it's a DAB whatever that means, don't ask me! I've got it tuned to Bird Song Radio, apparently this station was supposed to be temporary but so many people listen they've left it broadcasting - it's very relaxing. This little cross-stitch I'm doing is from here, I'm being very French at the moment, I love their style. Also, I'm stitching on 32 count Belfast Linen, the colour is Dirty Linen. I've never stitched on this fabric before.

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melissa sews said...

I'm loving the way your stitching looks on the "Dirty Linen"... nice color combo! I would love to try my hand at embroidery someday. Your stitches are impeccable, as always. :) Melissa