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Monday, 9 March 2009


My craft room is not a tidy place! Recently I've been making a big effort to get it organised but, it being my creative space, I keep getting distracted by the things I find and ideas for using them. This bag is one of those things. I've got a lot of those useful plastic drawer units that I bought in a panic a few years ago when my craft stuff started to really get out of hand. Gradually they've been stuffed with things in my occasional efforts to 'tidy up' One unit had lots of embroideries that were finished but not used for anything. They needed a place of their own so that I could find them easily and this bag is just right. I used one of the embroideries as decoration, the bag measure about 10 inches by 12 inches. I have it hanging from a shelf so that I can enjoy looking at it and can just pop things into it without hunting the whole room looking for the place my reorganisation meant I couldn't find!


melissa sews said...

Your embroidery is always so lovely! I am impressed once again. I hope that all is well for you and your family, Ann. God's Peace, Melissa

Au vieux trousseau said...

Wow ! Your bag is absolutely lovely !!