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Friday, 13 March 2009


My kitchen and my dining room are very dark during the winter so I like to have some cheerful plants in the window boxes and tubs. From December until last weekend I had pink cyclamen that really were a sight for sore eyes! Now I have primulas, they look so cheerful. I love to sit in my kitchen having a cup of tea and see these lovely colours each time I glance through the window. After they were put into their planters we had a vicious hail storm so they did get a bit bruised, there are lots more buds so they will soon recover.

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melissa sews said...

The primulas are gorgeous, Ann! I love the colors you chose. I planted from seed this year, so it will be a while before I have color in my garden. If mine look half as good as yours do, I'll be doing good!

I've sown dahlias, zinnias, poppies, four o'clocks, black eyed susans, purple salvia, and sweet peas. Only the zinnias have sprouted so far. I'm holding my breath until the others do!