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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Button Jar

The stitching is finished, pressed onto some iron-on interfacing and glued to the jar lid. It's looking ok - just got to decide what ribbon/braid to put around the edge, I'll think about that for a while! I'm pleased at how the piece of fabric stuck so well to the lid, it was a fast grip, quick set craft glue. I squirted blobs of it onto the lid, patted it with a finger to even it out and kept pressing the fabric in place until it stuck, and it was fast grip glue!


Peggy said...

Hi Ann,I love your stitching projects. When my children were small I made most of their clothes and sweaters and never threw anything away, I recycled zips and buttons which I kept in a big tin.The buttons were even pressed in to use for missing counters on board games! Your post has brought me back!

melissa sews said...

I love it! That's just what I need - a button jar. I've always loved the way buttons look when collected in one place. Art in and of themselves. :) Melissa