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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Fancy Storage

A couple of weeks ago I stitched a cover for the lid of my button jar and I liked it so much I've got a collection of jars ready for tarting up. So far I've done one for my pins, which is just a piece of fabric stuck to the lid with some ribbon around it, and one for lace which is a circle of calico with lace stitched around the edge, then the whole thing is glued to the lid and another piece of lace glued round the rim of the lid. In my feeble efforts to take an artist picture I've added a sewing roll that I made last year and thimble that I found in a second hand sewing basket bought at a charity auction They are all standing on a box someone gave me that I keep my fancy sewing machine feet in. I've got lots of these extra feet. Think I'll have to take a picture of those for my blog sometime. Pity I couldn't find a nice background to take the picture against instead of one of my Ikea storage cartons but the light was just right here!

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Peggy said...

Hi Ann, you have endless patience to tackle such small projects which must require huge attention to detail.You are never stuck for ideas either. I love the jar caps, very victorian!