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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Dolls House Miniatures

I was showing some pictures of my dolls house stuff to a friend on one of the groups I'm in and it really got me wanting to do a bit of mini-ing. Above is a picture of the house I have in my dining room. Trouble is, these houses are a bit big for my home and take up a lot of room so my other house is in my shed aka mini workshop.
This room box is supposed to be a war time kitchen, I started it ages ago and haven't finished it, maybe now I've got it out of a cupboard I'll get on with it again.

The washstand and tray in this picture are things I bought from White Cottage Miniatures. I love her work, they way she puts things together is so realistic.

I made this kitchen range out of thick card, wood and a tap washer with bits of peel-off sticker and gold pen for the detail.

These two samplers are tiny, do you see our names and marriage date in the one on the right?

This room box is made of thick card with card, wood and fimo details. All except the metal things and the pump are what I made.

Graham bought me this kit, I decorated the box, assembled and stained the furniture and bought most of the rest.

Most bought furniture is a varnished brown so I spray painted this cupboard, used a gold felt tip for the detail and made the little accessories.

Because the one inch scale houses take up so much room I decided to have half inch scale and this wardrobe and settee are for this scale, they are tiny! I made them out of card, the settee is padded with felt then covered with fabric.

Petite Properties make these beautiful little half-scale houses, I just couldn't resist them. The bakery is the one I've decided to make furniture for just now.


Lori said...

aNN! i love YOUR DOLL house minatures! that is so very cool!! I am not that talented to make those! although a friend of mine, a male, has made one for their house !
Hugs wonderful work!

melissa sews said...

Oh my, Ann! These are absolutely marvelous! I've always oohed and ahhed over doll houses. They are magical little places.

I plan to gift my daughter with one of her own soon. But I am not talented enough to make it myself! I'm keeping my eyes open every time I visit the thrift store of flea market. Yours are amazing!
:) Melissa

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, the miniatures look amazing so realistic and full of tniy detail. More of your patience in evidence!