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Thursday, 30 May 2013

More Wide Leg Trousers

This pair of palazzo pants are just about as perfect as I can get them...

They are elasticated at the back and have the drawstring front.  This will allow for the fluctuations in my waist size that can happen over a day.  The body is nice and long so feels really comfortable, I don't like waistbands that don't reach my waist.  Also, once again, they cost me nothing, this was a flat sheet that came with a duvet cover and wasn't used.
I've sent for a blouse pattern that will go nicely with these trousers.  I thought it might come today so was disappointed when it didn't arrive.
One thing I've learnt recently is not to go by my dress size with patterns.  When I was a 10 or 12 (UK)  the patterns fit me.  Now that I am a dress size 14 (UK) I have to use the size 18 on the pattern.  No wonder I was having difficulty.  I didn't know this and, thanks once again to the internet, I was able to look up the facts on the difference between patterns and ready to wear clothes.

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Anonymous said...

love these Ann...beautiful work! pattern sizes are a mystery to me anymore...ready made sizes are a mystery to me too :D