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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Tunic Tops

In January the group I belong to started a monthly stitch-along (SAL).  Each month a different member has hosted one of these SALs.  For the month of May our member from Mexico came up with a dress/tunic top for us to have a go at.  I went for the tunic top.  Here are my efforts...
I wasn't sure how they would fit so decided to use recycled fabric, namely a duvet cover that I kept because I just knew it would come in handy sometime.  I like the one on the right best.  I still haven't got the shoulder fit correct but they are both wearable.  Not bad for nothing.

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Peggy said...

Hi Ann, the one on the right would be my favourite also but that is probably the contrasting fabrics too.Once you have the 'fit' right you can splash out on new fabric!