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Sunday, 19 May 2013

More Trousers

Here is the third version of the palazzo pants.  I'm pleased with these and will make notes on what alterations I made to the pattern...
I did think I wouldn't like wearing patterned trousers but I feel ok in these.  They are very comfortable and cool.
Originally I was going to make a dress, then I thought maybe a skirt.  It suddenly occurred to me that I rarely wear skirts and dresses.  I know why, I like to wear socks because my feet get cold.  Even if I wear tights my feet still get cold.  A skirt looks terrible with socks!  And it rarely gets warm enough to wear skirts and dresses regularly.  So, why not have some colourful trousers?  The next pair will be yellow, looking forward to making those.


Gillie said...

Gorgeous, well done you! Nice to see you too!

Peggy said...

Looking very stylish Ann! The plain top in co ordinating colour makes it look really good.