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Monday, 17 June 2013

Butterick 5610

I started this blouse a couple of weeks ago.  It shouldn't have taken me this long to finish it but I had a horrible cold all last week so no sewing got done at all.  Yesterday I felt well enough to finish it off...

I liked the look of this blouse on the pattern and it was fairly easy to make.  It does feel a bit baggy when I tried it on.  It doesn't have any waist shaping so I curved the side seam slightly to reduce the bagginess.  I'll have to wear it a few times before I decide if it is just something to wear around the house or if it is suitable to be seen in public.  I do intend to make the other version of it but will probably go a size down.

This fabric that I used is from Boyes .  Boyes is a very useful shop, they sell everything!  They have now even started selling dressmaking patterns.  I will go there this week and check that out.  The fabric is cotton and is nice and light, it might have some polyester in it, I'm not sure but it feels like cotton to me and irons at quite a high temperature.


Anonymous said...

I am making blouse A and don't want to make a yoke. Is this a mistake? i don't want to make the top stiffer and thicker than it already is. I'm using cotton/poly blend.

Ann said...

I don't know how you'd made blouse A without the yoke as it is part of the construction. However, give it a try, it might work.