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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tea's Ready!!!

That's a lot of sandwiches!!!  Well there are two men to feed.

I think the Bakewell Tart looks a bit overdone, still, never mind.

 Hope that Parkin isn't too dry.  The Cinnamon & Lemon tarts look ok though

These cups don't get used very often


Gillie said...

Well, very disappointed lol, if you'd had the tea party last week I could have come! Everything looks delicious along with the beautiful china, what is the pattern?

Anonymous said...

what an absolutely marvelous tea...I'm enjoying it very much, just looking at your beautiful mouth is and your guests will enjoy your hospitality!

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

I'm drooling, Ann! What a fabulous spread of goodies! Oh, for one taste of that Bakewell tart... I'd do most anything. And you have gorgeous china to boot!

nic@nipitinthebud said...

everything on your table looks more than 'ok' to me. I bet our guessed were delighted (and stuffed) by all the effort you went to.