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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bournemouth Trip

I was in Bournemouth from Monday to Friday last week. We both had a lovely time, no driving, no cooking and no deciding where we should visit. The coach was comfortable and the driver was very capable, he sense of humour was not very politically correct though! It reminded me of how certain men used to be, very suggestive on occasion but by the end of the trip I think he realised it wasn't very appreciated.
The hotel looked very nice and the food was excellent, freshly cooked every day and not 'boil-in-the-bag' type meals. My bed was incredibly lumpy and I had to sleep on the duvet because of this. All in all I think the hotel was very good apart from that bed!
On the way down we had to divert from the intended route because of an accident so we stopped off in Newbury for our comfort break. We were there with plenty of time to do a bit of sight seeing. I was glad of this because we lived near Newbury years ago so did a bit of nostalgic wandering around. We visited the park that we used to take Colin to when he was 2 years old (he's forty now). The next trip we did was to Salisbury. This is a lovely town and worth visiting.  Wednesday was a free day and we were lucky enough to have sunny weather so we had a walk around Bournemouth.  Thursday was a trip to Burley in the New Forest.  Burley was very disappointing but the drive through the forest was lovely.  Then it was on to Lyndhurst, the church here is where Alice of Alice in Wonderland fame is buried.  Friday morning we visited Winchester and as well as the cathedral we saw the house that Jane Austin lived in before she died.  Also, I was born in Winchester!
I did try to make a slide show of my pictures but unfortunately Microsoft have removed the programme from Windows 7 that I used to use and I had to download a different programme from them.  I have made the above album but the captions didn't come up with the pictures.  I'll have to practise a bit more with the programme and see if I can do it.

I just went to check out the above photo album and if you click on the slideshow tab it does show the captions on the photos.  Also noticed I missed the end off Winchester a couple of time and they come up as Winchest - damn!


Barbara said...

Now this is somewhere I'd like to quaint!!! Love it Ann. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Hugs. Barb

Laurie said...

What a ovely nostalgic trip for me to read .... I was born in Reading and lived 20 yrs of my life around the Southampton, Bournemouth and New Forest area, we had an apartment in Newbury when we lived overseas just so we had a base when the kids were at boarding school in Dorset close to London and airport ...
Winchester almost became home with a job Eric had at the time but we finally ended up in Kidderminster south of Birmingham so that area in Hampshire and Dorset is home to me....Thank you for the memories... but I love NZ more I am afraid so a bit of a traitor really.

Peggy said...

Hi Ann,fab slide show your photography is excellent. it looks a great tour with so many different places and you took along some needle work for the quiet moments!

nic@nipitinthebud said...

looks like you had a grand time :o)