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Sunday, 31 October 2010


I'm married to an accident prone person.  Over the years he's broken his arm; had numerous sprained ankles; broken his nose; dented his forehead (that was a scary one); broken a toe playing basket ball; trapped his fingers in a folding chair; electrocuted himself several times; cut himself more times than I can remember with knives; fallen through a window; cut two fingers badly with a hedge trimmer; had a hot bulb from a over-bed light fall onto his chest and burn him; dropped a spanner on his big toe nail and had it go sceptic; been hit in the forehead with a baseball bat someone threw; scalded himself taking a radiator off the wall; cut his head on an overhead pipe; bruised his kidneys when he fell off his motor bike; ruined his uniform when he fell off another motor bike; fell in the bath and broke another toe; had his hand swell up because he didn't know when to stop using his secateurs; had several car accidents.  If some household object can be broken he'll break it, one time he broke a complete dinner service and three sets of wine glasses all in one go.  There are numerous other incidents but I think my brain stops me thinking about all of them for self preservation!!!

On to the present day - Friday he was up a ladder, and of course he has to fall off it and now he has a broken wrist.  Shortly after we were married I happened to mention in front of my MIL that he was accident prone and she said "Oh, he's still accident prone is he".  So I don't really know all the incidents he had in his childhood apart from the one where he broke his two front teeth off.  I've done some reading up on accident proneness but there is no general agreement as to whether some people really are accident prone.  Personally I think accident prone people are just not careful and have never learned from their accidents.  As the wife of such a person I am constantly on edge wondering what is going to happen next. I try to watch him as much as possible to make sure he is safe but unfortunately I can't follow him around all the time.  Can you imagine my level of anxiety living with such a person.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Ann...he is VERY accident prone...I believe some people are born that way...genetic...perhaps

My son (a Saggitarius) has always been accident prone...while growing up he stepped on a needle (in the yard), he stepped on a nail, he fell in some broken glass and cut up his forearm...a pen knife fell and cut his calf, he had several incidents at school (one causing a mild concussion), and just recently he cut his finger, deeply, while making his Halloween costume. When he was young I became quite familiar with the ER staff at the local hospital.

So I understand your situation...thank goodness Spike wasn't accident prone...he had enough health issues without that too! And YES I can imagine your level of anxiety...

Gillie said...

I got quite familiar with Casualty when son treasure was growing up - now he's his wife's responsibility, lol! I am sorry, Ann, I can fuly imagine the axiety!

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Oh, Ann! I can't imagine all THAT happening to one person! I'm a bit clumsy myself, but I wouldn't label myself accident prone. It's usually nothing major... more like spilling food down the front of my shirt! ; ) I pray his wrist mends quickly and that his accidents will cease. Blessings of peace to you!

nic@nipitinthebud said...

ouch, poor Graham.
And poor you and your frayed nerves.
I've a friend who's really clumsy and I'm sure he's that way as an adult because he was told it so much as a child and learnt to believe it. I'm sure he tries really hard and tells himself 'I'm a bit clumsy, better not drop it' but his brain betrays his fingers with whispers of 'drop it, drop it' and he just can't help it!
He's also very tall and I wonder sometimes if it's hard to see his feet from up there hence the stumbles, trips and occasional bumps of the head!

Peggy said...

Hi Ann,my heart was quaking reading the list of accidents!You must have developed nerves of steel by now trying to look after hubby!