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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A Bit of a Problem

I wrote in my last entry that Graham had built me a raised bed to grow vegetables in - well, I was sitting on my little garden seat, you know the type, you can sit or kneel on them, all I was doing was a bit of weeding. I stood up, bent down to pick my little seat up and I had a searing pain in my back. Oh well, that's my bit of gardening done for a while. Never mind, I'll just use the time to stitch and supervise Graham's gardening!!!


SFMiles said...

your garden is very beautiful and oh my gosh I love the tea cups.

HILLARY said...

Thank you for leaving me a note on my blog. Although it wasn't me. It was my sister in law :) She's got good taste ;) I'm glad she led you to me so I could enjoy your blog, too! Thanks MAri!

melissa sews said...

I hope your back gets better soon, Ann. Take it easy! Stitching sounds like a good pain remedy to me!

Nyperosa said...


I think there have
been some problem
with "your blogg".
I have been her
many times, trust me ; )
and the onley thing I
have seen is the theacup.
Now, I have to look through
you "new blogg", : ): )

The vikings is "real" ! ; )
And once weekend a year
they get-together in

Have a good summertime : )

Nyperosa said...

Hello again,

nice blogg you have : )
This is fun, to visit
each other in 1 second,
you there, I`m here ; )

( Thea cup 24 May !!! )