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Friday, 6 June 2008

A Bit of Patchwork

I enjoy 'collecting' fat-quarters but can find it difficult to get myself to use them, they look so lovely just stored together in a drawer waiting for me to admire them! Anyway, enough of that silliness, get on and make something - so I made a very simple table-cloth. I enjoy this sort of project, it's nice and straight forward. The backing fabric that I used gave me a bit of a problem as it turned out not to be square, I should've checked but I wanted to get it finished. It turned out ok though and you don't notice the not very neat mitred corners.

1 comment:

melissa sews said...

Gorgeous! I know what you mean about saving pretty fabric for just the right project. I'm bad about that, too. It looks like these fat quarters were meant to be a patchwork tablecloth all along. :)