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Saturday, 27 April 2013


Finished the pyjama bottoms I started yesterday...
The fabric is flannalette, I've had it in my stash for almost seven years.  I used the trouser pattern I showed in my previous post.  I didn't sew the darts in and didn't add the waistband.  I put elastic in the back waist and left the front waist plain and just turned over a hem.  They turned out nice so will be using the same pattern to make palazzo pants.  I will probably add the waistband and put a side zip in them.

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Anonymous said...

love your pyjama pants...look forward to seeing your palazzo pants. I have a sewing machine but I'm not a good shape is odd and difficult to fit...wasn't so bad when I weighed 120 pounds but now with more weight I'm lumpy and bumpy and trying to get even ready made clothes to look decent on me is I admire your sewing talent