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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Isle of Man Patchwork

My friend gave me a patchwork cushion cover kit as a gift that she bought while on holiday on the Isle of Man. Apparently the women on the Isle of Man used this pattern in olden times to make full size quilts, they tore strips from discarded clothing etc and hand sewed the strips to a backing in this log-cabin pattern. The strips are each turned back leaving a pleat so the result is a quilt that doesn't need backing or padding and it hid the big stitches they used. That's what it says on the packet anyway. I'm not doing it strictly to the pattern, there should be four log-cabin squares but I'm just doing the one and adding Christmassy strips round the edge, that way I'll get four cushion covers from the kit. I have finished it now and it's all ready to join my other Christmas patchwork cushions on the settee over Christmas.


Anonymous said...

How pretty that is. I love adding Christmas cushions or curtains to the house at Christmas time. Its just a little bit extra special!

Ginger said...

Ann, that is really special and looks like a lot of work. Everything looks so precise. I wish I knew how to quilt, but I don't have the patience for it (I don't think).

Ginger said...

Ann, I forgot to comment on the question you asked me on my blog...yes, I will use traditional ornaments on the white tree. If it was just me, I would do a victorian tree, but hubby wouldn't like it. In fact, he is calling this tree a Charlie Brown tree. I'm not real happy with it either, so might have to take it back to the store. It's skimpy in the middle.

Nyperosa said...

Yes : ) Hello.

You are good to "speak"
norvegian : )
I have send you a christmas
card last week, whith
"a thank you".

Have a nice advent time.
So long ; )

guzzisue said...

remember learning this method a few years ago :-)
nice to see another sewing blog from Nottingham


Hi Ann. I have just been to the Isle of Man and bought a Kit there. Your patchwork looks peerfect. I want to follow your blog but noticed that your Followers gadget has vanished. Mine vanished on my mobile but it is still there when I use my Laptop. My Manx Patch took hours to do. When I have made it into a Cushion I will put it on my Blog. Take care now. Marion x


I have just added a photo of your beautiful Christmas Patchwork to my Blog. I hope this is ok with you Ann. Take care now. Marion x