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Friday, 5 December 2008

Paper Trees

Yesterday I was surfing around the web looking for paper-craft ideas when I came across a card making site that showed some very interesting paper Christmas trees. I followed the link to here and followed the instructions in the tutorial. I was amazed at the effect folding an old magazine achieved! I ended up making four of these trees and I then showed four of my friends, who came around in the afternoon for a craft session. We all got very excited that an old magazine could be transformed into a lovely Christmas decoration (can't you tell we are all craft addicts?). So I imagine that yesterday evening there were four ladies (five including me) rummaging around looking for magazines to fold!!!


melissa sews said...

What a wonderful way to recycle old magazines, Ann! They are beautiful. I may have to give that a try myself.

Ginger said...

Those really came out cute. Wish you were here....I have a ton of magazines you could have!!!