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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

White Rose Teapot

If you read the answers to the ABC tag I got from Melissa you will see that I don't have a favourite day but I do have days I dislike. They are the days when I have to go to the dentist and today was one of those days. So, each time I have to go I pass a charity shop on my way home and pop in to see if I can find a treasure. Today I found this beautiful teapot, it's in perfect condition too. There is another charity shop not too far away but they seem to think they are some sort of up-market antique shop and their prices reflect this. This other shop has a gorgeous teapot that I would love but it's much too expensive for me to consider buying - £24.99 or almost $50 US.

1 comment:

melissa sews said...

Oh, it's never fun to visit the dentist... speaking of which, I need to go myself. I keep putting it off!