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Friday, 9 May 2008

Sewing Set

My favourite flower to stitch is lavender, I love the colour, I love doing bullion stitch, it's an easy flower to stitch and I love the smell of lavender. The bees on this one were the first insects I'd had a go at stitching and they were quite simple to do. After I'd stitched the pincushion piece I used the inside cardboard from a roll of sticky tape and attached the embroidery to it with double sided tape (the bottom was covered first in the same way and it was stuffed with wadding). The join is hidden with the ribbon. It turned out nice and I've wanted to make another pincushion this way but sticky tapes seems to last a long time so I've not had another cardboard roll to do it with yet.

1 comment:

melissa sews said...

Ann, that's a creative way to make pin cushions. And your lavender is just lovely!