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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Chiffon Blouse

The hot weather continues so more cool blouses are what I'm looking for.  I now have five new blouses, wonder if that is enough!  The trouble is, I'm finding some very pretty ones that I just can't resist...
These chiffon blouses are great with a thin camisole top under them, really pretty and cool.  At £14.99 they are affordable.  I remember at least 20/30 years ago blouses cost the same amount, it's so nice to find clothes I can afford these days.  I know there are sweat shops around the world where these clothes are made and they have my sympathy, years ago I worked in a clothing factory, maybe not quite the sweat shops in other countries but near enough - I'm talking fifty years ago.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, you have been busy blogging! I love this blouse. I have not attempted pallazo pants!
The selfie pic is good and the new
'do'is lovely but clip on earrings..Nooooo they are painful!

Star said...

Your blouses are very nice. Yes you need many because food is always getting spilt down the front!