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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Striped Tee Shirt

I sorted out my tee shirts recently and realised most of them were plain colours and some were very old.  Got rid of the old ones and started looking out for new ones.  This striped one caught my eye straight away, I like stripes, they go with a lot of things...
It will go nicely with navy blue trousers, my pale blue jeans and the darker blue ones.

I like the button detail on the shoulder...

Longer sleeves to the elbow would have been better.  The tops of my arms don't look very attractive these days, it's not that I have 'bingo wings' but the skin is a bit lined looking, almost like cellulite on the inside area.  Not much I can do about that, older skin is very strange, it sort of goes like a balloon that was blown up ages ago and is starting to deflate.  Accepting who we are and growing old gracefully is how I prefer to be, those women who have plastic surgery can look very strange can't they.

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Theanne Crossett said...

that is a nice looking tee Ann...I too would appreciate it if the manufacturers made women's shirts with a bit more length in the arm. my arms are quite dilapidated while not wanting to pretend I'm anything but the age I am, a little longer sleeve would draw less attention to that area of the body :)