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Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Jacket

Six years ago my husband retired and for his retirement do I bought a jacket to wear with the skirt and top I'd chosen.  Yesterday I decided to reorganise how things were hung in my wardrobe.  Winter coats and posh outfits are stored in hanging garment bags.  On checking what was actually in these bags I came across the outfit I'd worn to that do.  I took it out of the bag to have a good look at it and what did I find - the red jacket!  What a waste of that jacket, I could have been wearing it all this time...
It's a darker red than it looks in this picture, not so tomato.  It'll be very useful, I've got a few things that it goes very nicely with.

The weather is a bit warmer today so I'm thinking about being able to wear summer skirts and dresses.  One thing I will be doing which is totally unfashionable is that I will wear sheer tights (pantyhose).  I really do not like the fashion of wearing dresses/skirts with bare legs, unless you are on the beach that is.  Most women's legs are not perfect and sheer tights help hide imperfections.  It's rarely hot enough here to make this a problem with overheating.


Theanne Crossett said...

Beautiful jacket!

tubby3pug said...

Lovely jacket
Retro rover

Peggy said...

Gorgeous jacket, i have done that a few times and found something hidden away that I had forgotten about!it would want to be fairly tropical for me to forgo my tights!