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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

June In My Polytunnel

At last some pictures of how my polytunnel growing is coming along...

I'm very pleased with how the polytunnel is working out.  Nothing gets ruined by the weather, the fox can't get in because we've set up a fence for the doorway when the door is open, and I can control any insect pests much better.  The only disappointment I've had is some dwarf green beans that I sowed.  I sowed the fifteen beans that were in the packet and only four have come up.  Not sure why this has happened, they were some Kew Royal Botanic Gardens Urban Garden Collection beans so I expected them to do really well.  Today I went to the garden centre, actually I went to three before I found some, the other two had sold out, and I bought some climbing French beans.  Also bought fennel and a couple of garlic plants.  The tunnel is full now so all I have to do is wait for harvesting before I can decide what I want to put in next for overwintering.  I do recommend a polytunnel for the fair weather gardener, it is so nice to be able to do a bit of gardening when it's cold and rainy!!!


Peggy said...

Hi Ann, inside the tunnel looks amazing!You are making use of every inch of space. You can grow right through most of the winter too I would think, probably have your own new spuds for Easter!

Gillie said...

Wow, I am so envious, wonder if I could squeeze one in? Well done, Ann!