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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Gardening Season

For quite a few months now, I've come to a bit of a standstill with my blog. I've been doing the usual things, sewing, baking, cooking etc but no gardening. The baking I've done is my usual type of thing so nothing new to report there.

Today, for the first time for ages, I had the urge to check on my veg plot. I also went to the nearest garden centre. I was going to buy seed potatoes but when I saw the queue at the checkout I put them back! Everyone must be in the gardening mood, the place was crowded. The other thing I noticed was how much prices seem to have gone up this year.

Back at home I started mulling over what to do in my plot, mainly because of the problem we had last year with the fox. It ruined a lot of my veg even though I'd put protection around the raised beds. I like that there is a fox around, some people dislike them but I think they have as much right to be here as we do. So, what to do? I did think of getting a fruit cage and having it for an area with the veg that the fox seemed to like trampling. Then I thought a bit further. The weather can put me off going into the garden if it's wet and cold so how about a polytunnel. This would mean that I could protect my veg, be out there in all weathers and grow the more tender varieties. After a bit of research and discussion my DH and I decided on an 6 ft x 12 ft tunnel. Yes it's a bit expensive but the garden is our summer hobby and we enjoy our fresh veg so we ordered one.

I'm hoping that this year is an uneventful year. I don't handle stress well and the last few years have been horrible, like last year it was the MIL being ill and dying, my dear little dog being so ill then dying and then my DH breaking his wrist when he fell. The year before that my DH was very ill in hospital then taking months to get back to normal. Please let this year be boring!!!


nic @ nipitinthebud said...

welcome back Ann.
We all find gardening a chore sometimes so it's important to know your limits and what will make you more reluctant or eager to get outside. A polytunnel sounds ideal.
So best wishes for wonderful happenings inside our polytunnel but total boredom away from it ;o)

Laurie said...

Chin up Ann, life can deal some hard blows now and again ... I have also been down there this last few months but feel there is light at the end of the tunnel...we are going into winter but for you as soon as the sunshines again and May is here you will feel more like living it up... spring fever they call it .. may be you have a touch of SAD syndrome just get out for 15 minutes a day for that vitamin D so vital.
Hugs Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, so happy you and husband ordered the you can keep the fox out of veggies and can get on the plot in bad weather. You have had a lot of stress over recent years I'm sure being out in the sunshine in your garden would help you so much! I look forward to seeing the polytunnel go up and the lovely tender things you'll be able to grow! (((((hugs))))) Theanne