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Monday, 4 April 2011

Comfy Feet

I’ve been searching for years for a pair of comfy sandals.  Last year I bought some Hotter shoes so I thought I’d have a look at their sandals.  This is what I decided on………
Don’t they look comfy?  They have two velcro strap closures so if my feet get a bit hot I could loosen them.  Perfect for wearing this summer.
While I was in the shoe shop I chose a pair of slippers too.  My previous slippers had to be thrown away, the soles were dropping to pieces.  These are what I chose………
Lovely, comfy, warm slippers!  These are made by  I was going to buy some of their sandals but I preferred the look of the Hotter ones.
So, that’s me set up with footwear for a while.


Peggy said...

Hi Ann,those slippers look so inviting!Our feet need looking after as we get older, my Mother always said look after your feet you will be on them all of your life!
The polytunnel sounds a fab idea, you will be able to grow something all year round as you only need small amounts of each veg.
I am looking forward to reading all about it.I know blogging can be a bit of a chore too from time to time but it is great to see you back in action.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ann, love the sandals and the slippers look warm and cozy! I'll check out the website and see what they have...thanks for sharing!